A range of water based ready-for-use coatings for dip and spray application on shell, cold box and hot box cores.

The product
Pursuant to extensive R&D, C & C have developed and launched a versatile, superior quality water based dip coatings - ISOBOND, and is especially designed for a range of ready-for-use coatings for dip and spary application on shell, cold box and hot box cores and based on pseudo-plastic rheology control system.

Application The use of zirconium and graphite fillers used in coatings to make the casting surface free from sand fusion or metal penetration. Shell and hot box cores have surfaces which are hydrophobic and need special coating formulations. ISOBOND, though meant for repetitive applications such as those used for making automotive components, the product is versatile to cover other application products including the following.
Diesel Engine Blocks
Petrol Engine Blocks
Brake Drums
Gear Boxes
Axle Housings

Versatility of the product can be extended to other applications like: Cores made from binder systems as diverse as:

ISOBOND has advantages as follows;
Outstanding dipping rheology
Runs, tears and curtaining defects are minimized or eliminated due to the superb dipping rheology of ISOBOND coatings.
Uniformity of deposition on any kind of core The excellent core
wetting ability of ISOBOND is due to the surfactant system which ensures the dipped cores have a uniform deposition of refractory filler.
Low foaming
Pin holes and moon crater defects on dipped and dried cores are eliminated.
Versatility of refractory fillers can be combined
ISOBOND can be formulated containing variety of fillers or a combination of fillers.
Smooth casting finish
Due to a suitable refractory system, combined with ISOBOND superb application characteristics, imparts an excellent casting surface finish.
Suitable form of supplies
ISOBOND is available for all applications and in the heavy cream, light slurry and ready-to-use state.
High-quality suspension stability
ISOBOND exhibits excellent suspension stability in both diluted as well as the ready to use states.
Cost effectiveness
Due to the ease of cleaning, and reduction in veining, burn on and penetration defects, the cost effectiveness of using ISOBOND is tremendous.

Application sequence Precaution
Dipping involves Immersion
The coating must wet the core substrate, in particular hot box and shell cores which can be quite hydrophobic. This, together with the high surface tension of pure water means that the property needs to be enhanced by using surface active agents. Surface active agents in turn cause foam leading to 'moon crater' and 'pin hole' defects. The minimizing of form while still ensuring substantial wetting is a per-requisite for a good dip-coating.

»  Replace the lid of the carboy immediately after use to avoid drying of the coating.
»  Do not dilute the content of the coatings as too much water will impair suspension and increase penetration into the core or mould.
»  As far as possible, avoid contact with skin and protect eyes from spillage. Incase of contact with skin, wash with water immediately.