COTCASTER is a complex ferrosilicon based Granular ladle inoculant for Grey and Ductile Iron

The product
COTCASTER is a product range in granular form used as an inoculant for treatment of Grey & Ductile Iron in ladle. When the molten iron is treated with Seeder, the chill is reduced and improvement in mechanical properties as well as machinability is observed. Inoculation is necessary for the production of sound casting with uniform mechanical properties through out the section.
COTCASTER is a product which has been developed after long experience and experimentation in many foundries and is a granular mixture of graded and balance inoculanting materials.


Reduction in chill
1. Effect of inoculantion is generally checked by chill/wedge test and tensile test piece. Chilling tendency is assessed by fracturing and measuring the width at a point where chill ceases. Un-inoculated flake graphite iron, specisily those with low carbon equivalent are more prone to chill in thin sections, corners, sharp edges etc. COTCASTER treatment reduces chill tendency.

2. Promotes a type of graphite
Un-inoculated iron (with low carbon equivalent) is likely to contain under cooled graphite knon as ‘D’ and ‘E’ type graphite. Under cooled graphite affects the treated with COTCASTER. The inoculation effect will eliminate under-cooled graphite and promote formation of ‘A’ type graphite to give better mechanical properties.

3. Improves microstructure
Un-inoculated cast iron many times show, to a great extent, difference in graphite structure and ratio of Ferrite to Pearlite, between thin and thick sections. Thin sections tend to contain fine graphite and free ferrite which reduces tensile strength. Thick sections tend to have coarse graphite which also reduces structure and promotes formation of pearlite and hence improves mechanical properties.
4. Action of Cotcaster inoculant
Inoculantion in short is a method of controlling the form and distribution of graphite in iron during solidification. Inoculation treatment increases the number of nuclie in the molten cast iron and therefore, creates a large number of eutectic cells . As the eutetic cell count increases, the fiake size becomes smaller. Inoculation retines grain size and promotes the formation of type ‘A’ graphite.

COTCASTER should be added to clean molten metal. The best way of inoculation is to add COTCASTER in the stream of metal as late as possible. Accuracy in adding is essential since it is harmful to over-inoculate as will as to under inoculate. Over inoculation increases shrinkage and porosity in susceptible castings.
Recommended rate and addition of COTCASTER is 0.15% to 0.3% depending on the metal charge composition. Please ensure thorough mixing and proper inoculation. COTCASTER gives better results if it comes into contact with as large a portion of the molten metal as possible.

Grades & Specification

COTCASTER 75 B Barium based Inoculant
Si 74.0 78.0 %
Ca 0.80 1.30 %
Ba 0.80 1.30 %
Al 1.0 % max  

COTCASTER 75 B Barium based Inoculant
Si 74.0 78.0 %
Ca 0.10 % max
Sr 0.80 1.20 %
Al 0.5 % max  

Standard Packing
COTCASTER : 50 kg in HDPE poly lined bog