A CO2 cured phenol formaldehyde cold box binder system.

General Description
COTTEC is a water soluble alkaline phenolic resin which is mixed with sand & then hardened by gassing with carbon dioxide.

»  Non flammable, water based system.
»  Exceptionally low free phenol & formaldehyde.
»  Offers good post-casting knock down properties.
»  No toxic fumes at mixing, core making or shake out.
»  No effluent generated.
»  No gas scrubbing equipment investment.
»  Does not lead to lustrous carbon pick up.
»  No additional core & sand additive require to achieve optimal casting quality.
»  Shorter gassing time, improved production rate.
»  No purging cycle necessary.
»  Reduced machine down time & cleaning cost.
»  System is free from sulphur, nitrogen and phosphorous and it is environmentally clean.

Instruction for Use
Choose a dry sand having AFS No. 50-55 with low acid demand value (2-3) & clay content 0.5 % max. Although the COTTEC process is designed for mechanised production, it is also suited to manual bench preparation of cores & moulds. COTTEC binder is applied as a single additive to silica, zircon or chromite sands typically at 3.0% to 4.0% by weight. Cores can be produced by core blowers, shooter or by conventional bench method. In a batch mixer mixing time of 2-3 minutes is recommended. Sand mix thus produced has a bench life of about 1 to 1½ hours at 300C when properly covered. Core can be either hand rammed or blown. For shooting application, optimum blow pressure should be between 80-90 psi.

Gassing times are short normally between 5 to 15 sec. Typical gas consumption is 0.5% to 1% of sand weight. It is recommended use of gassing gadgets consisting of Pressure guage, Flow meter and Heaters. The-recommended temperature range for carbon dioxide gas used for curing is 25-300C. For best results medium to high flow rates of 100 to 300 liters per minute and pressure of 10-15 psi are recommended.

Coating Practice
Both water and spirit based coatings can be used on COTTEC moulds / cores.

Standard Packing
50 kg in M. S. Drums & 250 kg in M S. Drum

Shelf Life & Storage
COTTEC has a shelf life of 6 months when stored in cool & dry places.

Direct contact with skin or body should be avoided.
In case of -
1) Contact with Skin : wash with soap water
2) Contact with Eyes: wash out throughly with water, consult eye specialist immediately.
3) Spillage: Do not flush with water, which can contaminate the sewage cover the spillage with sand or saw dust and disposed