Ready-for-use flammable zircon coating for spray, brush swabbing and flow application.

The product

COTPOL SS 256FLO is a ready-for-use flammable zircon coating having excellent suspension and covering properties. COTPOL SS 256FLO is suitable for use on green sand, CO2 set and resin bonded sand moulds/cores, and for casting almost all metals including critical jobs in heavy cast iron and steel foundries. COTPOL SS 256FLO is also effective on all grades of iron. copper and nickel based composition and light alloys in green sand, sodium silicate and resin bonded moulds.

Reason to use
When casting high temperature alloys such as steel, cast iron etc, it is necessary to coat the sand surface, which come into contact with molten metal to prevent sand wash, sand erosion, metal/mould reaction and burn-on.
COTPOL SS 256FLO is designed to withstand high temperature of molten metal while acting as a barrier between molten metal and a core or mould surface thereby helping in preventing sand burn on, metal penetration, wash erosion, metal/mould reaction, and other common defects when casting high temperature alloys such as steel, cast iron and non ferrous alloys.
COTPOL SS 256FLO is a carefully formulated coating to ensure a highly refractory, non-wettable and non-reactive coating layer with optimum application properties to give excellent casting finish.

»  Offers good casting finish, free from burn-on and metal mould penetration to reduce fettling costs and improve productivity.
»  Does not cause any coating inclusion problems.
»  Uses least toxic carriers and hence safe to use.
»  Evolves very low gas during casting.
»  Can be easily remixed and applied due to its excellent suspension characteristics.

1. Remix the COTPOL SS 256FLO coating homogeneously before use.
2. Apply by brush or spray on mould or core surface and light off. Allow to burn out and cool to ambient temperature, before applying the second layer of coating.
3. In case of large mould/core surfaces, it is ideal to apply COTPOL SS 256FLO in smaller areas at a time followed by immediate light-off.

While COTPOL SS 256FLO exhibits good suspension properties, it should be thoroughly remixed before use.
Note: Water must not be added to COTPOL SS 256FLO for dilution.


  Physical state   Green slurry
  Specific gravity (gm/cc)   1.45 -1.55 gm/cc
  Viscosity   13 -16 sec. by B4 Ford Cup
  Baume   47 - 52
  Settling rate    Not more than 3 ml in 100 ml Cylinder for 1hour
  Solids   65% ( Zircon Flour)

Standard packing
COTPOL SS 256FLO is available in 30 kg pail.

Shelf life and storage
COTPOL SS 256FLO has a shelf life of 6 months. The pails are to be kept in a well-ventilated place, preferably under shade, away from exposure to sun and rain.

»  Replace the lid of the pail immediately after use to prevent evaporation of the carrier.
» Avoid continuous skin contact as the degreasing effect may cause local irritation.
»  Inhalation of high concentrations of the vapour can be harmful and should be avoided.