Ready-for-use water based zircon wash.

The product
COTPOL 110 W is a ready-for-use, water based, zircon coating. It is suitable for use on most sand binder backgrounds and for almost all metals cast, including critical jobs in cast iron and steel. Compared to conventional dressings, COTPOL 110 W has superior application characteristics and gives an improved casting surface finish.

Reason to use
Conventional zircon based powder and paste products are used to achieve a good casting finish, however, special care has to be taken on the shop floor that they get the required dilution rate, viscosity, specific gravity etc.
COTPOL 110 W is ready-for-use and has the optimum properties needed to develop a well-covered and bonded refractory layer with the correct degree of sand penetration.

»  Eliminates mixing and dilution operations on shop floor. Saves times, labour and eliminates material wastage. Ensures consistently optimum coating characteristics.
»  Dries faster
Saves on oven drying costs. May even be used as an overnight air-drying in a majority of the application.
»  Versatile in use
Can be used on most sand binder backgrounds (even hard and plain silicate sand). No need to stock a variety of dressings.
»  Evolves negligible gases during pouring Reduces rejections due to casting blows, since the coated cores do not rehydrate even on storage.
»  Develops crack-free refractory layer in a single application Eliminates sand fusion and ensures a smooth casting finish.

Brush directly from can without any dilution or machine mixing. Where necessary, spray after diluting 8 parts of COTPOL 110 W with 1 part of water. Torch or oven bakes the coated moulds / cores after air-drying for 15 to 20 minutes.

Standard packing
COTPOL 110 W is available in 50 kgs tins.

Shelf life and storage
COTPOL 110 W has a shelf life of 6 months and stores the tins in airtight condition.

1. Replace the lid of the tin immediately after use to avoid drying of the coating.
2. Do not dilute the content of the coatings as too much water will impair suspension and increase penetration into the core or mould. Some sand bonds are softened by excess spirit.
3. As far as possible, avoid contact with skin and protect eyes from spillage. Incase of contact with skin, wash with water immediately.