A ready-for-use graphite & zircon water based coatings featuring a new type of suspension/binder system.

The productt
COTPOL 210W is generally used in jobbing iron foundries where organic systems such as furane resin, Pep-set and Linocure are being used as sand binders. Specifically it has been used in quantity for the production of larger heavier iron castings.

The most common methods of application are brushing and spraying. In the majority of cases COTPOL 210W is used directly from the container without dilution or remixing and this is preferable because maximum advantage can be gained. It may however be slightly diluted with water for certain spray applications or for use by over pouring techniques.
COTPOL 210W cannot normally be applied by dipping and like other water based coatings and should not be used on silicate bonded moulds or cores.

»  COTPOL 210 W is a genuinely ready-for-use product, sedimentation is zero and remixing is not required.
»  COTPOL 210W unique thixotropic properties prevent runs and drips yet allow the paint to flow easily from the brush.
»  COTPOL 210W contains a high refractory loading, excellent covering power and penetration into the core is controlled to the optimum.
»  COTPOL 210W will not blister, crack or lift even when strongly torched.


  Physical state   Grey Slurry
  Specific gravity   1.85 ± 0.05 gm/cc
  Viscosity    135 to 200 by for Brook field Viscometer ( Spindle 5, Speed 10)
  Solids    62 ± 1

Standard packing
COTPOL 210 W is available in 50 kg polycarboys

Shelf life and storage
COTPOL 210W has a shelf life of 6 months and store the carboy in airtight condition.

»  Replace the lid of the carboy immediately after use to avoid drying of the coating.
»  Do not dilute the content of the coatings as too much water will impair suspension and increase penetration into the core or mould.
»  As far as possible, avoid contact with skin and protect eyes from spillage. Incase of contact with skin, wash with water immediately.