A Special made air drying graphite dip wash for cold box cores.

The product
COTPOL GAEP2000 is a IPA based graphitic wash in liquid form. It is specially formulated to minimise the strength drop that takes place in cold box cores if normal IPA or water based washes are used. It also air dries and eliminates need for own drying.

Product function
The cores produced with cold box process lose strength in storage period of 24 hours. Normal practice of base coating of an air drying wash to seal the pores followed by dip coating in water based wash does not help to minimise the strength drop as the constituents of these washes weaken the cold box bond. This results in core scrap due to broken cores in handling and casting scrap due to core breakages during pouring. The problem is more severe under humid condition.
COTPOL GAEP2000 is made carefully selected ingredients which do not weaken the cold box bond and thus minimises core and casting scrap. It also eliminates time, labour and material consuming double coating practice as single dip gives a good coating build up. The wash air dries in 6 to 12 hours and eliminates need for oven drying. It also ensures good casting finish.

Advantages »  Low cores and casting scrap:
Use of COTPOL GAEP2000 minimises the strength drop in storage and thus minimises core and casting scrap as compared to what is obtained with normal washes.
»  Improved productivity lower labour costs:
COTPOL GAEP2000 eliminates need of double coating practice thereby increasing the number of cores that can be coated in given manpower and time. Thus the labour costs are reduced.
»  No oven drying costs:
COTPOL GAEP2000 air dries in 6-12 hours. The need for oven drying is eliminated thus saving on handling and oven drying costs.
»  Excellent casting finish low fettling costs:
Even smooth core surface with graphite filler ensures excellent casting and hence less shot blasting costs.
»  Smooth moulding line operation reduced core inventory:
Minimum core breakage at the time of handling of core assembly on moulding line helps to ensure smooth line operation without interruption due to non- availability of good core assemblies. Since overall core processing time is reduced and breakages are minimised inventory of cores in core shop can be reduced.

1. COTPOL GAEP2000 is supplied in liquid form. The mix contents of the carboy before it is taken in a dip tank. Ensure that dip tank is clean before taking the wash.
2. The product when mixed in dip tank will have 15 to 18 seconds B4 cup viscosity at 30 OC which is adequate for dipping application. Transfer only the minimum required quantity in dip tank and continue dipping till the wash is almost consumed. If there is going to be large time interval before wash will be reused drain excess wash back into COTPOL GAEP2000 carboys to minimise the losses due to evaporation.
3. Ensure that no spark or flame is generated in the vicinity of COTPOL coating area as the wash is inflammable. 4. Use rubber gloves for dipping and handling of cores.
5. If wash is to be remixed before use incase of small time interval of no use mix it manually.
6. Allow the coated cores to air dry for 6-12 hours to ensure maximum carrier evaporation before they are taken for further work.

COTPOLEP2000 is inflammable. Ensure that it does not contact with spark or flame in storage. In case of accidental spillage immediately wash the spill over with water

30 kg carboys.